Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in weirdchurch,

Disturbing moments at the University Bible Fellowship

A keynote speaker at a small bible conference gave a speech on Jesus' death on the cross. His glass of water became empty, and he said, "I thirst." I found this to be in extremely poor taste. The fact that some poor sap ran to get the glass refilled like the Devil were after him made matters worse.
I went to their house church Sunday after Sunday (after going to a real church just hours ago - they twisted my arm) and they never once gave me communion. That was all very well and good until I went to one of their retreats, and all of a sudden a pair of them donned graduation robes and started passing out cups of wine.
I mean, it's not the matter of not having communion every Sunday, it's the matter of suddenly having it without warning or the slightest explanation of communion related doctrine. WTF.
I have other gripes against the UBF in addition to this, but they're not weird enough for this community.
Except for that one time I was having a bible study with Noah and his wife decides to potty train the kid right in front of me.
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