Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in weirdchurch,

Double sipping and preemptive budgetary meetings

I don't usually go to the Lutheran church a couple miles from my house, but they had a 11:00 contemporary service and I was too tired to go to a 10:30 that day. So I came in and the service seemed normal until we went to communion.
I'm not used to having tiny little metal chalices to drink from, but it didn't bother me when the altar person handed me the tray. I took a cup and sort of awkwardly drank it at a time I probably wasn't supposed to, but I didn't know any better. Well, right after I sort of sipped it a little and stopped myself, the pastor comes by with the big chalice and offers it to me. What? I already have one. Are you blind? So I wave the cup at him and he walks on. That was embarrassing. I felt really bad about myself, but it wasn't completely my fault.
Well, then, somewhere before the benediction, this treasurer guy from the church stands up there and tells us that they need money for the organ fund. Um, I don't know about you, but unless your church is completely bankrupt and they're planning to bulldoze the church tomorrow, you don't interrupt service for relatively trivial minutiae like this. I came to the service to worship. If I wanted to know more about how much it costs to keep the heaters running, I'd stay after church and go to the meeting. Or I'd wait after the last hymn when they generally have announcements. I've sat in a cold church before. It's okay. Let me worship, please. Tell me about it later.
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