Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in weirdchurch,


Greywolfangel shares this strange church experience:

"When I lived in a small town, I went to a small church, and for the most part it was a regular Southern Baptist church. Unfortunately, however, the youth ministry was very small, and not very active, and I always felt like an outsider there. Regardless, determined to come to one of their events, I arrived a little late, and walking into the room, I saw the 5 or so teens in a circle with the youth pastor, and all of them chanting incomprehensible things and swaying in a circle. I kind of got freaked out that I'd joined a cult, and decided to leave before anyone noticed me. I found out later they were attempting to emulate the Catholic practice of responsorial psalms, but from someone walking in on the practice from afar, it seemed like they were possessed cult members."

Pretty strange, all right.
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