Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in weirdchurch,

Off Target

The pastor at the small church I attended often did things that didn't quite fit her target audience.
*The congregation consisted of roughly 20 adults, and 2 children, yet we all had to participate in the Lava Lava Island vacation bible study program. The church was decorated with Tiki and various other faux Hawaiian items, restroom doors were marked with Hawaiian words for `men' and `women...' And nobody there was actually Hawaiian.
*There were only two children in the group, and yet we all had to sing "This Little Light Of Mine."
*In December, the pastor set out a menorah on the altar. It was cute, especially since it was a Noah's ark menorah, but A. None of us or our visitors were Jewish. B. I don't remember going too in-depth with the whole Hannukah thing.
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